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This license enables connecting  a Type 4 device to the PlanetWatch network and receiving Planet rewards in return for data streams.


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All licenses are non-transferable, i.e. once you link it to a specific sensor, it cannot be used later on for a different sensor.

Each license’s runtime starts counting when it is first associated to a sensor.

Only approved sensors must be linked to an active PlanetWatch license in order to connect them to our network and receive rewards.

To learn more about our Token Model, refer to the White Paper.

The use of licenses is regulated by our license agreement and our voucher policy.

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1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year

30 reviews for Type 4 License

  1. Mohamed Dongla (verified owner)

    Looks interesting

  2. Alex Ingham (verified owner)

    If you’ve purchased an Atmotube Pro, this is the product you want. Sync it with your Atmotube and Planetwatch apps, and boom, you’re contributing to the network. Great product.

  3. Rodney P. (verified owner)

    Very Easy, and fast Email was registered by time I got my Device. literally plug and play

  4. Joseph Johnson


    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi Joseph, we’ve answered your ticket the same day you opened it, asking you for more information for your purchasing issue, but we never hear from you back…

  5. Fae Parisier

    I’m from Canada. I received my Atmotube Pro yesterday, i thought that i could quickly buy the license online once it arrived. Lo and behold the only payment option is by planets now. That wasn’t much of a concern to me until i realised that i have to jump through hoops upon hoops to exchange and get this just to pay. Much more complicated and confusing then anything i’d had to pay by crypto before. I’m waiting for a reply from customer service so we’ll see.

    • Sara Di Civita

      On planetwatch.us you can still pay the licenses with PayPal

  6. G (verified owner)

    How long does it take to purchase a license in the US? I placed my order at 12:50 PM EST (2 hours ago) and I still can’t use my new Atmotube Pro I just received this morning.

  7. Thomas Ravensberg (verified owner)

    In the US, love this project, love how they are using the blockchain to store IoT data and super stoked to see where this goes. Only negative is it takes some knowledge of phones (a second one really) to make the data link stay live 24/7 but outside that I have had 0 issues with my setup.

  8. Jacques Yeoh

    why does the price of the license got hiked so much???
    I’ve purchased the device 2 weeks ago, at that time the license fee per year is USD42.
    I was thinking about purchasing the license later once the device arrived.

    Just received it today, and noticed ONLY can use PNT token to purchase.
    Currently its 0.63USD @ 19 July 2021 according to BitFinex, and the license costs 361.41 PNT to purchase, which is equivalent to around 232USD.

    A jump of pricing from $42 to $232 is more than 5x increase. Now i’ve left with 2 devices and trying to explain to my other friend. I wont purchase the license for anything more than 42USD per year that it originally stated.

    Please provide a clear explanation without replying me to log a ticket. The transparency should be here as well

    • Sara Di Civita

      We have not increased the license prices. Furthermore, you still can purchase via PayPal on planetwatch.us, you just need to switch the table on the left of the screen from PLANETS to USD and you’ll be able to see that the prices are the same as before.
      Finally, our token is called PLANET not PNT: you were checking the wrong token.

  9. Abdulkader Hallak (verified owner)

    I just got the device and bought the license from the US site through Paypal, I want to help you by changing the pin code, can you help me?

  10. Marcos Contreras (verified owner)

    Heed the 1-star reviews but overall it’s a very simple setup. Get your AtmoTube Pro then get the license. Even if you need to pay with Planets, it’s not too hard to set up. It’s crypto guys – it is what it is. 5 Stars well deserved because this project will go far and is a great investment in the future of air quality and beyond.

    • Sara Di Civita

      Thanks for your review and for your support!

  11. R. S.

    Despite being called Planetwatch, lifetime licenses were only offered to US and Europe participants early on. Not sure this sends the right message.

    Understanding that a global rollout is not feasible, early adopters from every region should be given the same benefit, otherwise just further perpetuates advantages granted to certain areas of the world.

  12. Doug

    Can I use 1 Type 4 License on multiple atmotube PRO, or is it 1 license for each atmotube PRO….????

  13. Vasyl M.

    How to buy a license for residents of Ukraine if it is not in the list of countries to select when paying?


    we cant buy it in Turkey with paypal
    how we can buy it with credit card?

    • Sara Di Civita

      In the PayPal form, under the log in button, there’s another button that lets you pay with debit and credit card.

  15. dean (verified owner)

    excited to join the network! btw this license DOES work with the awair element:p

    • Sara Di Civita

      Welcome and thanks for the support!

  16. Chandi (verified owner)

    Very straight forward Instructions. Using the .us site I paid using PayPal, easy peas, received an email right away with the information needed to set up my type 4 atmotube. I followed the instructions provided in the email, and have been keeping track of the air quality as well as eating planets which I will reinvest into the more sensors in the future.

    • Sara Di Civita

      Thanks for the support!

  17. Rafael

    Buen dia , suena muy bien proyecto, podrán darme la liga parq comparar awair element? Ya que no aparece en las listas de dispositivos

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, thanks for the support! The AWAIR Element is our new Type 4 sensor, you can learn more about it on the AWAIR official website http://getawair.com

  18. chinthaka

    I have recently bought an Atmotube pro. I just need to know whether I can earn Planetwatch token from my country (Sri Lanka) by connecting this device to type 4 License? and How do the earnings differ according to the country?

  19. Keifer

    Is this the right license for the Awair Element ?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, yes it is.

  20. nalford21

    Where can I find updated information to link my AWAIR Element to my Algorand wallet with my type 4 license to begin accumulating awards. I currently have everything I need, but I keep hearing different launch dates? I currently reside in the US. Kindly, assist when time permits.

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, the AWAIR Element integration with our system is not completed. It should occur in October.

  21. adrian.azri (verified owner)

    hi there I have bought 3 type four licenses and they are all linked to my one account,one email. Should that be a problem? so when i onboard the device I just use the same email, right? thanks.. anyways happy to be part of the system. 🙂

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, thanks for your support! You can have multiple licenses linked to the same email address.

  22. p.rungrueangkiat

    Can i buy 3 type 4 licenses for 3 awair elements by 1 planetwatch account ? Is it ok for algorand wallet ?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, yes, you can purchase multiple licenses using the same email address.

  23. Jay

    if I purchase 1 piece of type 4 license can I use this on 3 awair element device that I have ? and when can this Awair element will start to sync and mine with type 4 License ?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, each sensor needs a license. Please note that you can’t own more sensors of the same Type in the same household.

  24. Art

    in one house or IP address how many awair element can I have ? and if I have Airqino Sensor and Awair element in one house is that ok ? will it affect the mining ?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, only one sensor of the same Type. You can own different sensors Types in the same household.

  25. Rafael

    Hola, los tipo 4 no dicen en qué países funciona , me das esa información porfavor

  26. dboboc1 (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a license #4 from the PlanetWatch website. I see that the Atmotube Pro is sold out but I was wondering if the Atmotube PLUS will work with that same license?

    Please let me know. Thank you

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, no, only Atmotube PRO works with the Type 4 license.

  27. Andrey (verified owner)

    I have type 4 licence and Awair Element sensor, when will it be integrated with your system ?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, it will be integrated before the end of October.

  28. rbaldonado

    Are license linked to emails or do we need to download them?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, they are linked to the email address.

  29. saraangu

    I’m from canada . whenever i try to buy AWAIR it direct me to UK website ?
    please send me usa website. Thanks

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, the AWAIR official website is getawair.com

  30. nosuferatu10

    Hi can I bought an element but can I also buy an atmo pro since it’s wearable and not be in the same house for 90% of the day or can I only have 1 unit per license per house hold?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, it is allowed to have 1 AWAIR Element and 1 Atmotube PRO if the Atmotube PRO travels in the day and they are not in the same location more 70% of the time.

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