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This license enables connecting a Type 1 device to the PlanetWatch network and receiving Planet rewards in return for data streams.


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All licenses are non-transferable, i.e. once you link it to a specific sensor, it cannot be used later on for a different sensor.

Each license’s runtime starts counting when it is first associated to a sensor.

Only approved sensors must be linked to an active PlanetWatch license in order to connect them to our network and receive rewards.

To learn more about our Token Model, refer to the White Paper.

The use of licenses is regulated by our license agreement and our voucher policy.

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1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year

19 reviews for Type 1 License

  1. Ed Son

    If I buy the Type 1 license, will I go on the wait list for the Type 1 sensor when it becomes approved in the US ?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, yes, you will.

  2. Sultan Asad (verified owner)

    I like this innovate idea of passive income along with helping you planet. Just loving it!!! Keep up the great work team

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, thank for your support!

  3. Dan

    Type 1 is not approved in the US? I was interested in buying 1 now.

  4. Mike Beaulieu

    hey do you ship to canada is it approved here?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, yes it is.

  5. sanka perera

    Is the type 1 sensors are approved in Australia?
    Airqino / Type 1- is the SIM has to be registered with a provider?

  6. MerAlcon

    How much will it cost for the sensor?

  7. Robert Leslie

    Can i use the type 1 license for the awair element ?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, no you can’t. The AWAIR Element needs a Type 4 license.

  8. Don Wettasinghe

    Airqino / Type 1 connectivity says SIM included. What does it mean? Do we need to add cellular plan for that? Please explain how it connect?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, we provide and pay for the SIM card.

  9. Chris

    Does buying a 3 year license put you higher on the waitlist compared to buying a 1 year license?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, no it doesn’t.

  10. Lee Gustin

    How will you know if you are on the list and how long is the wait going to be?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, the owners of a license that gives access to a sensor waiting list will receive an email that lets them know in with the batch their order is located.
      We send the email every two weeks.
      Please, wait for the email.

  11. Princeston Brown

    If I buy multiple Type 1 licenses (5) will the corresponding numbers of Airqino’s (5) be reserved for purchase if I’m added to the waitlist? Also, is there a limit on the number of licenses and Airqino’s that can be purchased?

  12. ferrere763 (verified owner)

    Hi I bought 2 type 1 licenses on September 12/14 and have not gotten any notification about being on the wait list. Can you help. Thank you
    Order numbers 6528/6217

  13. Sergey Maximov

    Can I use a Type 1 sensor in Russia?

  14. Dennis Boboc

    Which sensor(s) can I buy with a Type 1 license?

  15. Rafael

    Hola el tipo 4 no dicen en qué países están permitidos y ahora ya no puedo entrar para las licencias
    Ya no están disponibles para México ?

  16. ferrere763 (verified owner)

    Hi can I use await indoor sensor in Nicaragua.? And mine for tokens. Also would like to know if the Aquino type 1 also will be able to mine in Nicaragua. Thank you.

  17. rbaldonado

    Can you use at type 1 (outdoor) and type 4 sensor (indoor) together? Or does one be come a lead and the other a back up?

    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi, you can own different Types of sensors in the same household.

      What is not allowed, is to own more sensors of the same Type in the same household.

  18. PARDEEP Gill (verified owner)

    I saw a tweet today about maximum number of license per person, which is 5. But I already ordered 7 licenses (type 1) between 7 September and 12 October. Please advise, what are my options.

  19. Jay

    Hi, for Airqino Sensor if you move to different location from tier 2 to Tier 1 or move around within the U.S.A. location could you still get rewarded with planets token ? And when will Arquino sensor be available for purchase in U.S.A. ?

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