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October 13 AMA session with PlanetWatch CEO

October 13 AMA session with PlanetWatch CEO

In this article you will find the answers that our CEO, Claudio Parrinello, gave in the AMA session on October 13.

Before answering your questions, let me first start with some important announcements.

For Kaiterra sensors, all remaining emails for the September batch are out today. We already have sold you over 1,300 devices. And we will deliver at least 900 by the end of October and a further 1,000+ in the following month. For Kaiterra, we do not anticipate any major stock shortages. 

For Airqino sensors, the situation is slightly different since they come from a Company which is a science spin-off as well as PlanetWatch itself, so they have been manufacturing their devices mostly for an academic customer base for science purposes, which means they are not used to huge production numbers. However, given the interest from the PlanetWatch Community, they are stepping up production to over 1000 per month by the end of the year. 

In terms of delivering as much information about the sensor delivery to you as possible, we are currently doing some work on our interfaces and websites. The objective is that when you buy a license, based on your order number, you will be able to see in which quarter you are likely to get the sensor. I am saying quarter, because it is a safe assumption that we can make for Airqino sensors. 

Please note that your position in the waiting list is not something that will be written in stone. When we buy a lot of sensors, the manufacturer gives us some time and size commitment, but they always say that it is subject to component shortage and to their own suppliers not fulfilling their commitments. It can happen that they sell us a batch of 500 sensors and commit to a delivery date and then, for example, tell us that they were supposed to receive an electronic board the previous week but did not get it yet, so there would be a delay.

On top of this, sometimes orders are cancelled, we issue refunds, so the queue would have events affecting the waiting list. Therefore, in some cases, you might get it earlier than you first thought.

I have just got confirmation that PLANETS will be listed on Bitmart on the 22nd of October:

  • Deposit will open on 10/21/2021;
  • Trade will start on 10/22/2021;
  • Withdrawal be enabled on 10/23/2021.

The Kaiterra and the AWAIR Element onboarding plus the App release are proceeding according to schedule and will happen by the end of the month of October.

We will have our very first Science AMA on Friday October 15. Doctor Gabriella Motta will answer many questions that we already received about what VOCs are, why PM2.5 grows when you do something specific in your house etc… She is an expert and I think it will be a very interesting AMA session for everyone.

One additional very important announcement

We are talking to potential data buyers and they want extra checks on data quality and integrity. Which means that we cannot afford “dubious” data in the network. 

We are cracking down on cheaters. Cheaters are all people who earn PLANETS illegally, with respect to the rules in the White Paper, which they sell straight away in the market. 

The message is: cheaters destroy value for honest PlanetWatchers by polluting our datasets with irrelevant data, for example by deploying multiple devices in the same room. 

This is why we are tightening controls on data streams. Because of this, we have blocked the most suspicious devices and asked for explanations.

Please remember that data quality means value. Value for data buyers, value for PlanetWatchers. We see that we need to step up security, as data quality requires security.

We are setting some new some rules:

On the website, you will not be able to buy more than 5 licenses per Type per person. If you want more than 5 and can explain why, please open a ticket and choose the option “Licenses beyond 5 limit”.

We updated Terms and Conditions to better reflect our policies: 

  • Identity checks (KYC) will be implemented whenever we feel this is necessary. As you probably know, the crypto world is moving towards more transparency and widespread KYC, because we all have an interest to be compliant with the national and international legislation;
  • Holders of multiple licenses will see the earliest bought license used first when they buy a sensor. For example if you buy a license in January, then you buy a sensor in June and also buy a new license, your January license will be attached to your sensor and removed from the waiting list. 
  • Some people are playing around with refunds. So far, we were issuing refunds for PLANETS payments based on the principle: you pay 10 PLANETS, we refund 10 PLANETS. We have now realised that this is WRONG from the accounting viewpoint! Since invoices are issued for a well-defined fiat value, refunds should match that value. The wrong procedure encouraged speculators, who would seek refunds when the PLANETS price goes up. So, we modified our Terms and Conditions to enforce a clear refund policy, where the value of refunds for PLANETS payments will be made based on the prevailing PLANETS/Euro/Dollar exchange rate 48 hours after the time when the ticket is opened. Some people will complain, but this is both correct in accounting terms as well as fair, as exchange rate fluctuations can work both ways. 

These policies are meant to protect real PlanetWatchers.

Here you can find PlanetWatchers’ questions to Claudio

When is the new app arriving?

As I have said, by the end of the month.

Will there be more partnerships with other types of sensors? 

Yes, there will be.

How long do you expect the PlanetWatch project to last? 

100 years 🙂

When will Airquinos work in Israel? 

Please note when on our website we put a tag as “not permitted” for a certain country, this comes from information provided by the manufacturer. It is a matter of compliance with respect to state regulations which reflects upon potential problems at the customs. Sometimes, manufacturers do not have historical records on delivery in some countries and they are not sure that the sensor will comply with local standards. In case of doubt, please check our website or contact the manufacturer.

What criteria the PW team is looking at when choosing potential devices for integration? 

Relevance to our mission, performance, value for money and reliability.

Please improve on support. Still the waiting is far too long for both answers as solutions. Mods are better and faster in answering and offering solutions. 

We will work on this, but you can help us in many ways: please, do not submit tickets for questions which are answered elsewhere. I have been told that there are a very large number of tickets related to second-hand Atmotube PRO and this is a problem since we often discover that the sensor is already registered on the network.That is why I said in the past that we do not recommend device sales across the network, because if the sensor is already registered and it changes owner, you open a ticket, we tell you that you need to get in touch with the seller and it is quite a cumbersome and complex process overall. We are doing it out of goodwill, but it is not something which is ideal and perhaps, eventually, we will either stop it or put a fee on this, because it is very time consuming in terms of PlanetWatch resources. 

Do you have an estimation of coverage percentage of a country with your sensors which will be considered solid for AQ data selling? 

We mostly think in terms of city coverage. The coverage goal is in the white paper, i.e. 1 Type 1 and a few, say 5 Type 2 per pixel. I think that starting from 50% of this goal we can provide interesting data.

When will the White Paper 2.0 be delivered? Any approximations?

Some of the changes in the White Paper will be subject to a community vote. The simplest way to run this Governance exercise is via the new App. For this reason, I would say that the voting will take place in November.

Are there any companies that are currently interested in PlanetWatch data? Which kind of companies are the target of PW and client? For outdoors?

It is a bit different for indoor and outdoor data. For outdoors data the key customers are: local government organizations, online media companies, mapping and navigation App developers. For indoors there are hotels, hospitals, condos, etc…

Keep watching our Planet and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

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  1. How often will Tier 1 and Tier 2 areas be updated? Some areas seem to be in the wrong tier, ie a commentary being a Tier 1 area while a congested neighborhood is a Tier 2 area.

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