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July 28 AMA session with PlanetWatch CEO

July 28 AMA session with PlanetWatch CEO

Find below the answers that our CEO, Claudio Parrinello, gave in the AMA session on Wednesday, July 29

Before answering your questions let me make an announcement: on Friday, July 30, we’ll open sales for the July batch of Airqinos. if you’ve bought a license and are among the first 50 on the list, you’ll be getting an email on July 29. Make sure you finalize your purchase within a week or you’ll lose your spot for the July and August batch and you will need to wait for the next one.

If you have any tech or payment issues, please open a ticket.

Below, PlanetWatchers’ questions to Claudio

Can we discuss prices in public chat channels? 

Anybody can start a group for that, but we just feel it isn’t suitable for our Official Telegram Group.

Has PlanetWatch already struck a deal with anyone to buy the air data that we’re collecting? Or does PlanetWatch still have to go out there and find “buyers” for this data?

We have already started selling some data for indoor data, from sensor owners themselves.  In the future, your data will enter outdoor data products, plus indoor aggregated data. We’re talking to a number of city mayors and also to some large corporate entities. Clearly, if they choose to pay for the sensors, PlanetWatchers won’t get data revenues.

Does PlanetWatch plan to merchandise products like t-shirts in the future so we can further support the project?

Why not, but obviously it’s not a priority for now. 

In the last AMA you mentioned that members of the team will receive vested tokens at the end of the year. Are there any sales restrictions in place like there usually are with vested stocks?

Sales restrictions are enforced via the vesting schedule itself.

PW went live on mainnet late August-early September 2020. Is this the time the recycle bin started to fill up? If this is correct, does it mean that one year rewards for type 3 will be intact by the time we receive our first sensors? Is there a universal Recycle bin or does each sensor have its own recycle bin?

  • The Recycle Bin started to fill up when the new Token Model kicked in (you can learn more about it in our White Paper).
  • Type 3 rewards are not 100% intact as we have some corporate Type 3 devices, but they’re less than 100.
  • One Recycle Bin per Type.

When will Airqinos become available?

The goal is to have Airqinos up and running on the market by the end of September.

If I bought a sensor and license in the EU and then moved to another country (Brazil for example), would my sensor and its license still work? Or are licenses connected to the country you get them from?

Compliance is the challenge. There are countries where it may be illegal to operate an uncertified sensor. I genuinely recommend you use sensors in the country you got them from and in case you’re planning to move, drop us a line or get in touch with us and we can advice on how to move forward.

Will the Kaiterra batch be split 50/50 between EU/US? Or will the first 500 on the list have priority regardless of the country?

We think that the fair way to go about this is to allocate devices, based on the license purchase order. 

We’re trying to improve US logistics, which also means shorter delays and lower costs for everybody.

In the new app it would be useful to have an indication of when the systems-network is down.

The new App will be released soon (you can check this blog post to learn more about it). 

We’re working to solve all the bugs and make it easier for you.

Will there be air sensors that also purify the air in the future?

You’ll definitely be able to use PLANETS to get air purifiers, but they’re separate products.

Hi Claudio. I was just wondering if PW has a rule for fair ordering?  For instance someone who is loaded could potentially order 10 or 50 T1 or T3 devices at the same time leaving the rest empty handed. Can PW make some announcement regarding the max number of licenses you can buy? Like, you can buy up to 5 devices at once, for more you should contact PW.

We’ll review this later if things really scale up but, at the moment, we think it’s not necessary to put a restriction on the number of licenses that you can buy.

Anyway, let’s stick to the facts: we’ve been able to reserve 250 Type 1 and 500 Type 3 for the community and more are coming, so we’re seriously committed to satisfying community demand.

What is the cellular network provider (for the built in sim on the type 1 device) here in Italy?

We’re using a global service provider.

Will there be more PlanetWatch NFTs releases in the future?

Yes. It’s a matter of time to do that.

Claudio, last week there was a question about colors (pink) for AirQuino, specifically about possible future special editions (not yet planned). My question is also related to colors, but more on a DIY side.  Could you provide some indications on what can and cannot be done regarding this?

For the time being, please refrain, because paints can affect some measurements.

How much will the “Saturation Level” for the Type 3 sensor be impacted by the proposed increase in Planet tokens ?

If we boost Type 3 sensor rewards, as we discussed in the previous AMA, we’ll spend more from the budget and it will saturate earlier. All in all, I believe this boost would be beneficial for PlanetWatch’s growth.

When will Type 4 sensors be available to buy again?

I believe it’s only a matter of weeks.  Atmotube is restocking and we have this stock of 200 sensors which we own, but haven’t  shipped  to the Amazon warehouses for dispatch yet. Maybe 2-3 weeks from now.

How can we discuss the inclusion of new data points and devices that are useful on a localized level? We have a strong local need for certain air quality data that isn’t captured by the currently available devices.

We’ll try to include these developments in the RoadMap, but we can’t go too fast.

Type 3 sensors will be available at 600 Euros VAT included for EU countries. Will they be available without VAT for non EU countries like Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro? 

VAT is charged only for retail customers based in the European Union. If you’re not in the EU no VAT will be charged. The real challenge is the shipment costs and customs. If we find a local distributor to partner with us we can cut costs. Let us know if you feel you could help writing an email to [email protected].

Are there any sensor batches reserved for Emrit only and not available to the public or is Emrit working directly with the manufacturers? In other words, should we expect a sudden large sensor deployment from Emrit?

There are sensor batches for our corporate partners. But we’re making sure that individual PlanetWatchers also have sensors available all the time.

Can a Type 3 sensor be moved to a different location? The Kaiterra sensor doesn’t seem to have a GPS so can the app be used to update the sensor location?

If you do something that changes the location of the sensor (not talking about the Atmotube PRO which is a wearable sensor) contact us first and we can discuss how you can best achieve that.

What ‘s going on with the Will they be selling your sensors?

We have decided to sell directly as PlanetWatch. So that website is no longer active and sensors will be sold through our websites.

It seems as though there may be an issue with devices that are getting randomly disconnected. Will the new app fix this bug?

We’re talking with Atmotube to solve these issues.

The big news for today is that we’re making a major step towards global availability of PLANETS. We are signing listing agreements for the PLANETS Tokens with two exchanges and yes, one of them caters for North-American PlanetWatchers!

We should be able to list in September at the latest or possibly even earlier, but I can’t put my finger on it right now. Maybe next week we’ll be able to disclose the names of these exchanges

Once again, when we promise the earth…we deliver it!

Keep watching our Planet and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

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